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Life Safety Systems

Emergency Services

Emergency Service — 24 Hours a Day!

Diefenderfer has been maintaining electric systems for our customers for over 90 years. We have procedures in place to respond to your emergency call IMMEDIATELY, and dispatch the proper crew as fast as possible. Because or our vast experiences, we are confident that we are prepared to handle any emergency you may have, from minor problems to major disasters.

Areas of Expertise

We employ experts in all aspects of our industry to address your needs 24 hours a day, including the following areas:

  • Medium Voltage Distribution Systems up to 35 KV.

  • ANY aspect in 600 Volt Distribution Systems.

  • ANY industrial motion on control problems.

  • Telecommunication systems including fiber optic and copper distribution

Highlights of Our Emergency Service Abilities

  • We stock important equipment and materials at our local, 40,000 square foot warehouse to service all problems promptly.

  • We have approximately 25 service men with vans located throughout the region.

  • We can dispatch any number of assitional men from our 150 man workforce to assist in your meeded repair at any time.

  • We own all of our own specialty trucks and equipment, including bucket trucks, line trucks, and generators.